Prairie Vista Village Wins Multiple Customer Experience Awards


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April 3, 2018

Prairie Vista Village Wins Multiple Customer Experience Awards

ALTOONA, Iowa — Prairie Vista Village scored in the top 15% of senior living communities across the nation and won six customer satisfaction awards, according to Pinnacle Quality Insight — a senior care satisfaction firm.

Pinnacle Quality Insight conducts over 150,000 surveys per year and has over 2,100 clients in every state in the country. In order to qualify for a Pinnacle Customer Experience Award, a facility must score in the top 15% of the nation across a 12-month average.

Over twelve months, Pinnacle Quality Insight interviewed Prairie Vista Village residents about their experience and satisfaction. Listed below are the 2018 awards given to Prairie Vista Village (awards with an asterisk indicate an award that has been won multiple times):

  • IL Dignity and Respect*
  • Safety and Security
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • AL Move-In Process
  • Cleanliness*

Tim Jordison, executive director of Prairie Vista Village, said, “Everyday, I challenge my team members to come to work ready to give the best service possible to our great residents. I’m extremely proud of my team, and we’ll continue to give our best to Prairie Vista Village.”

To see the full list of awards, click here. For more information about Prairie Vista Village, contact Makenzie Moburg at (515) 967-8700 or

About Prairie Vista Village

Life is great at Prairie Vista Village. Here, you can live life on the go, or just relax. Designed with active seniors in mind, Prairie Vista Village provides a secure environment where you can enjoy the independence and privacy of your own apartment, free of the day-to-day burdens of home ownership. Everything you need is right here in Prairie Vista Village.



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