Prairie Vista Village Marketing Director Will Be Secretary for Altoona Chamber of Commerce in 2019

Makenzie Moburg-Appleton, Prairie Vista Village’s marketing director, will be the new Altoona Chamber of Commerce secretary beginning January 1, 2019. Prairie Vista Village has been a Chamber member since 2014.

After serving the Altoona Chamber of Commerce for one and a half years as a board director, Makenzie will now have an even greater opportunity to support and serve the Altoona community. According to its website, the Altoona Chamber of Commerce, “acts as the spokesperson for the business and professional community and translates into action by the volunteer board of directors.” “

Being involved with the Altoona Chamber as a board director and an ambassador has been and continues to be a rewarding experience,” says Makenzie. “Now as the Chamber secretary, I’ll be able to do even more for this community.”

Prairie Vista Village Executive Director Tim Jordison is thrilled to have Makenzie as the Chamber secretary. He says, “Makenzie does amazing work with us at Prairie Vista Village. The Altoona residents and business owners can trust that Makenzie will do everything she can to help and serve them too.”

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