3 Resolutions You Need to Add in 2020

Did you know that despite the best intentions, only 8% of people manage to follow through with their New Years’ resolutions? This is due, partly, to the fact that many resolutions are too restrictive, not realistic for one’s lifestyle, and are focused solely on weight loss. Each January, roughly one in three Americans resolve to better themselves in some way. While about 75% of people stick to their goals for at least a week, less than half are still on target six months later, research suggests. Here are some small, but vital changes to make to your everyday routine in 2020.

Adopt An Attitude of Gratitude

Take some time out of every day to reflect on what you’re grateful for. A daily check-in or a gratitude journal is a great way to shift your focus and minimize negative thinking, which can lead to unnecessary stress. Reminding ourselves of small, everyday positives can help develop a sense of balance and well-being that can enhance well-being and overall health. Try making this time at the beginning of the day, or at the end, if you struggle to find time throughout the day. If you have trouble locating something positive in the day, try to make a habit of treating yourself to a relaxing activity for five minutes each day. Try going on a short walk or reading for a few minutes at a time. Make a list of quick relaxing activities and pick one each day.

Meditation is another great way to promote mental well-being and positivity. It has proven to be helpful especially to those who suffer from anxiety and depression. If you are technologically inclined, there are many great apps and podcasts that can help get you started with your meditation journey. Another great way to practice mindfulness is to become a plant owner. Research shows that just the presence of an indoor plant can lower human stress levels, and actively caring for plans can calm the autonomic nervous system and lower blood pressure.

Find Time to be Active

Getting the recommended 30 minutes of exercise each day can be as simple as taking a walk. If you find yourself with a busy day, or 30 minutes at once is a lot for you, take three 10-minute walks throughout your day. Or even make it a point to get up and move around every five minutes out of each hour. Make it fun, grab a friend or family member and turn your walk into a social visit. Spending more time outdoors can improve health by relieving stress, elevating mood and lowering blood pressure. A quick walk outside or simply enjoying the beauty of your own backyard are great ways to incorporate physical activity and nature into your daily routine.

Make Small Healthy Changes to Your Diet

One of the easiest changes that you can make to your diet to improve overall health is to eat more whole foods. Whole foods, including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and fish, contain nutrients your body needs to function at its best. Research shows that a diet rich in whole foods may significantly reduce heart disease, obesity, and blood sugar levels. One of the easiest ways to make a resolution to cook more meals at home. Many people rely on convenience foods, such as frozen dinners and fast food for a quick and easy meal. Though these items may be easy to prepare and readily available, they can have detrimental effects on your health if eaten too often. Cooking for yourself and making a meal experience can be extremely therapeutic and can help you enjoy food more. This is especially the case once you’ve lifted restrictions and allow yourself to try out new recipes that include foods you previously wouldn’t have cooked. Buy a new cookbook and pick out one new recipe each week to cook at home!

Another small way to improve your diet is to cut back on sweetened beverages. The consumption of sugary drinks is linked to an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and insulin resistance. Quitting cold turkey might be difficult for some, so consider gradually minimizing your intake, or reducing the amount of sweetener you add to coffees and teas.

By making small but healthy changes to your lifestyle, it will be easier to stay on track with your resolutions and have a happier and healthier new year.

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